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Application to Conduct a Fundraiser

Living together in trust and hope as Christian people, we need to act and make decisions that protect and enhance the well-being of the whole congregation. Our communal life must include good order, careful planning, and common sense appropriation of resources and reasonable scheduling that honors the reality that we are creatures with finite resources of time, energy, attention and money. In order to facilitate the approval process for a fund raising activity, the following information is required. This application must be completed before any part of the fund raising activity is conducted.

Contact Person
Lead Person for this Fundraiser
Organization Treasurer
Purpose of the Fundraiser
How will the money raised be used?
Type of Fundraiser
Describe Type of Fundraiser (what will be offered or sold)
Fundraiser Dates
Who will participate in the actual fund raising?
How will parents/guardians and community be notified of this activity?
Projections for the amount to be raised
What are the perceived benefits of the fundraiser?
What is the history of this fundraiser?
In addition to the previous information, if this fundraiser is part of a series of fundraising events or activities for this organization please complete the following questions. If not, answer N/A.
How many different activities are being conducted?
When are the various activities to be conducted?
Organization Contact Person Signature
Please enter the letters that appear in this image