Peace Lutheran Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
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Peace Parish Boards


In April of 2012, Peace adopted parish boards to help lead the development of programs and ministries within the congregation. Volunteers serve with one, two, and three year terms. Elected council members also participate on parish boards.


  • Lay Ministry

Provide support and overall direction to the various ministries that take place through congregational members.


  • Worship & Music

Providing overall direction and leadership for the worship life of the congregation.


  • Youth & Education

Provide support and overall direction to youth ministries and all Christian education ministries so that all may grow in their relationship with God and the Peace community.


  • Mission Outreach

 Provide for all aspects of mission outreach.


  • Property

Provide for the proper maintenance and repair of church property.


  • Stewardship

 Develop, manage, and report the financial resources of the congregation; foster a Biblical sense of stewardship in the congregation.